Louis York: American Griots (Double LP Vinyl Set)

Louis York: American Griots (Double LP Vinyl Set)

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American Griots is an ambitious step forward for Louis York, stretching the limitations of convention by traipsing sound and style, without losing focus of the message at hand. “For us, it's not just about writing a song—our songs come from life experiences and learning and mistakes,” says Claude Kelly of Louis York. “The songs aren't just like, look at us, we can do cool music. Louis York is more about the music, which is the end result of a lot of growth. It always feels better when we pull our music out, because it feels like it's the ending of a really long, hard race.” 

Special note:  This release as a double LP vinyl set features the jazz standard, “I Enjoy You” by Louis York as an exclusive bonus track to conclude the American Griots journey on vinyl.


  1. American Griots Intro ft. Caroline Randall Williams
  2. All In My Feelings
  3. No Regrets ft. The Shindellas
  4. Electric Blue
  5. Teach Me a Song ft. Jimmie Allen
  6. Teach Me a Song (Reprise) ft. Caroline Randall Williams
  7. Glow
  8. How Will I Feel
  9. Don’t You Forget
  10. Velvet
  11. I Wonder ft. Patrick Dailey, W. Crimm Singers, and Caroline Randall Williams
  12. Love Takeover ft. The Shindellas and Emoni Wilkins
  13. You Gotta Be (Reimagined)
  14. I Enjoy You (Exclusive Bonus)