The Love Takeover Tour (CD) - Louis York, The Shindellas

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Weirdo Workshop Presents

Louis York & The Shindellas
The Love Takeover Tour CD
Format: CD, Digital
Release Date: January 14, 2019

Features live recordings by Louis York and The Shindellas with the new bonus studio recording, “Love Takeover” by Louis York featuring sister band The Shindellas and powerhouse vocalist Emoni Wilkins.

01) No Regrets - Louis York feat. The Shindellas
02) Reconsider - The Shindellas
03) Happy to See You - The Shindellas
04) Things I Should’ve Said - Louis York
05) Slow Motion - Louis York
06) Love Takeover (Bonus Studio Recording) - Louis York feat. The Shindellas and Emoni Wilkins

Digital download included