The Shindellas Release Debut EP 'Genesis' including the new Dance/House track H2CU

The Shindellas Release Debut EP 'Genesis' including the new Dance/House track H2CU


The Shindellas Genesis EP


Our initial introduction to The Shindellas came by way of a festive collaboration with founders/mentors/labelmates Louis York (aka Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony). Since then, the impressive trio of Kasi Jones, Stacy Johnson and Tamara Chauniece has been on a soulful mission to deliver precise harmonies and authentic lyrics, all polished and packaged with distinctive couture looks. Now, three years after we first became enchanted with their modernized vintage sound, the first ladies of Nashville's Weirdo Workshop have finally released their debut EP, appropriately titled Genesis.

The six-track project is a proper collection of their previously released original tunes, this time with a "Shindo" twist. Genesis opens with "H2CU," a disco-house remix of the shimmery groove "Happy to See You." The Shindellas also serve up extended versions of "Reconsider," "Ain't That the Truth" and "Costume," all featuring creative music interludes and interview-style vignettes that help us get better acquainted with the ladies on a personal level. 2019 tracks "Chills" and "It Wasn't Really Love" round out the soulful set and cements our infatuation with their harmonic sound.

Upon the album's release, the trio exclaimed via social media, "This is a compilation of the first Chapter of The Shindellas Experience. We are so proud of these songs the message and the complete Shindo they bring!!" In celebration, they released a visual for the track "Costume." The song begins with a fun intro, instructing us to "turn your stereo up" as they highlight each member of the group. The video brings their vintage sound to life with fuzzy black-and-white footage that recalls a time when radio was king – their dazzling flapper-style dresses adding to the authenticity. The clip then segues to the main portion of the song with The Shindellas asking to "see the real you" as they remove colorful masks.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for these melodic songbirds. In the meantime, preview Genesis below, currently available via major digital retailers, then scroll down to peep the visuals for "Costume." Afterward, keep up with The Shindellas via Instagram and Twitter.