Meet the Louis York band

Meet the Louis York band

By Ashley Stevens

(KUTV) — Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, AKA Louis York, is the creation of multi- Grammy nominated songwriting and production. With a discography that covers everything from Pop, R&B, Gospel, and Country, they’ve created for icons like Michael & Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion; Chart-toppers Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus; R&B Divas Fantasia, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan, and more.

In 2015, they created their label Weirdo Workshop and when stepping behind the mic for the first time in their careers, they threw out every rule the business has told them to follow. It doesn’t matter how long, how many transitions, or how many genres. Kelly and Harmony found themselves searching for one thing, and one thing alone – great art.

Louis York has pushed the envelope with their music to include themes of love, acceptance, and social awareness that culminated into an EP trilogy called Masterpiece Theater: Act I, Act II, Act III. They’ve played in cities all across the country packing venues leaving attendees in amazement with their creativity, energy, and stage presence always wanting more.

Learn more about their book club, Tiny Book Club, and upcoming oratorio with Kathie Lee Gifford in this segment.

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