Front + Center: The Shindellas

Front + Center: The Shindellas

Front + Center is Rated R&B’s artist discovery series, putting new and emerging R&B singers at the center of your attention.

According to The Shindellas, a ‘shindo’ is the feeling you get when you’re so inspired and excited. Goosebumps arise on your skin, and chills consume your body. Named after the term they coined, Stacy, Kasi and Tam are bringing the ‘shindo’ in full force.

The Nashville-based dynamos present a refined panache that has been missing and is being welcomed with open arms. The group emits a number of attributes that have caused people to pay attention: cohesiveness, musicality and purpose. Their poised presence alone is enough to make someone give their music a fair shot.

Immediately as the women appear on our video call, an intrinsically powerful force is felt. It’s painstakingly clear the cultivation of their connection that circuits through them transcend past the music. As a distinct mirror of their art, they reflect empowerment, sisterhood, kindness, and love.


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